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Royston and District Family History Society has now ceased to function as a result of declining membership and income, which made it no longer viable.

As a result a number of pages on this website have no futher purpose, but blank pages have been left for the time being, to prevent broken links appearing.




Future of the Society

Due to declining membership, which has reduced its income, and a lack or people willing to take up positions on the committee, the society decided at its AGM in June 2016 to disband in its current form. It was agreed by members present to set up a small successor society, to be called the Royston Herts Family History Group (the word 'Herts' being incuded to make it clear we are not associated with Royston in Yorkshire). We have not (as of June 2016) established how this society will operate: details will be published as we settle them.

The Haverhill branch of Suffolk FHS has kindly invited our members to attend their meetings, and details of their programme can be found via this link.

Members will also be welcome to attend the events of Cambridgeshire FHS.

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